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Business Occupations

Degrees in business focus on an understanding of business principles, concepts, techniques, strategies and skills that are sought after in a variety of industries. Graduates with a solid foundation in business and skills in business administration, accounting, finance, management, marketing and other business specialties are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and business leaders.

    • Accounting $50,000
    • Advertising $40,000
    • Economics $50,000
    • Finance $45,000
    • Administration $60,000
    • Human Resources $40,000
    • Information Systems $60,000
    • International Business $60,000
    • Management & Leadership $40,000
    • Marketing $49,000
    • Supply Chain Management $60,000
  • $50,000
  • Average Annual Salary of
    Business Occupations *

Computer/I.T. Occupations

Computer Sciences and Information Technology professionals have knowledge and skills in the design and performance of computer systems. Degrees in computer sciences and IT provide technical knowledge and experience in computer systems, programming and software development, areas of expertise on which businesses increasingly rely. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects tremendous growth in employment opportunities in computer systems and technology.

    • Computer Hardware $62,000
    • Computer Science Engineering $90,000
    • Information Systems $62,000
    • Networking $77,000
    • Software Programming $87,000
    • Web Design $90,000
  • $78,000
  • Average Annual Salary of
    Computer/I.T. Occupations Occupations *

Design & Media Occupations

Design and media professionals profoundly influence our world. They build ads, design video games and websites, produce films, videos and TV, and create the clothes we wear and the spaces in which we live. Graduates enjoy working with other creative people, and design and media skills can lead to jobs in a variety of industries as well as media organizations.

    • Advertising $61,000
    • Digital Design $82,000
    • Fashion Design $78,000
    • Film/Video/TV Production $70,000
    • Game Design / Animation $66,000
    • Graphic Design $62,000
    • Interior Design $48,000
    • Multimedia Design $72,000
    • Music Production $66,000
    • Photography $41,000
    • Web Design $90,000
  • $67,000
  • Average Annual Salary of
    Design & Media Occupations *

Education & Teaching Occupations

Teachers find great satisfaction in mentoring students and making a difference in their lives. Education degree programs cover the theory and practice of classroom teaching, design of curriculum and psychology and philosophy of education. Teachers can specialize in elementary or secondary education, particular subject areas such as Math or English, or in special education.

    • Childhood Education $35,000
    • General Teaching $57,000
    • Special Ed Teaching $43,000
  • $45,000
  • Average Annual Salary of
    Education & Teaching Occupations *

Engineering & Sciences Occupations

Engineering and science majors master skills such as logical thinking, problem solving, discipline and the ability to understand and work with numbers. Graduates go into a wide variety of careers, from civil engineers who design and build major structures to scientists who conduct research and may make world changing discoveries.

    • Architecture $94,000
    • Chemical Engineering $85,000
    • Civil Engineering $70,000
    • Computer Science Engineering $90,000
    • Electrical Engineering $80,000
    • Engineering - Other $75,000
    • Mathematics $53,000
    • Mechanical Engineering $77,000
    • Physics $55,000
    • Science $78,000
  • $76,000
  • Average Annual Salary of
    Engineering & Sciences Occupations *

Liberal Arts & Humanities Occupations

An education in communications, the humanities, social sciences, religion and general arts equips students with critical thinking, communication, research and analytical skills as well as problem-solving strategies, discipline and dedication. Liberal Arts graduates can pursue careers in a wide variety of fields, including teaching, social work, human resources, business management, and arts and charitable organizations.

    • Communications $62,000
    • General Arts $58,000
    • Humanities $47,000
    • Liberal Arts $49,000
    • Religious Studies $55,000
    • Sociology $43,000
    • Writing $54,000
  • $53,000
  • Average Annual Salary of
    Liberal Arts & Humanities Occupations *

Medical, Nursing, Health Occupations

The health care industry is experiencing rapid growth and will continue to expand over the next decade. Health care organizations need skilled professionals to perform duties ranging from administrative tasks such as billing and coding to delivery of medical, dental, pharmaceutical, radiological, psychological, nursing and other medical services.

    • Alternative Health & Medicine $58,000
    • Dental & Dentistry $66,000
    • Health Services & Counseling $52,000
    • Human Services & Social Work $47,000
    • Massage Therapy $39,000
    • Medical Admin/Assist/Billing $33,000
    • Nursing 1 (Entry Level/LPN/LVN) $65,000
    • Nursing 2 (LPN/LVN to RN) $64,000
    • Nursing 3 (RN to BSN) $61,000
    • Nursing 4 (Graduate level) $66,000
    • Pharmacy Technician $29,000
    • Psychology $45,000
    • Radiology Technician $50,000
    • Surgical Technician $39,000
  • $51,000
  • Average Annual Salary of
    Medical, Nursing, Health Occupations *

Trades, Careers, Vocations Occupations

Careers in trades entail technical knowledge and skills as well as the ability to diagnose and solve problems. Jobs in cosmetology, culinary services, fitness training, hospitality, real estate and similar vocations also require good communication and customer service skills.

    • Automotive & Mechanics $40,000
    • Aviation / Flying $72,000
    • Beauty & Cosmetology $38,000
    • Commercial Transportation $37,000
    • Construction & Carpentry $37,000
    • Culinary $46,000
    • Electrician & HVAC $48,000
    • Fitness Training $49,000
    • Hotel & Hospitality $32,000
    • Real Estate $61,000
    • Veterinary / Animal Care $31,000
  • $45,000
  • Average Annual Salary of
    Trades, Careers, Vocations Occupations *
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